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Jacek Lipkowski


Jacek LipkowskiResearch Overview


Prof. Lipkowski’s group studies atomic scale processes, such as adsorption or electron and ion transfer, which are involved in the electrolytic production of metals, corrosion and energy conversion in fuel cells or batteries with a focus on metals such as Pt, Au, Ag, and Cu and their alloys. They have come to understand how the adsorption of organic molecules and ions depends on the surface crystallography of the metal electrode. They employ electroanalytical techniques to determine the amount of ions and molecules adsorbed at the metal-solution interface and the energetics of the interactions with the metal surface. In-situ imaging by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy is used to determine the structure of the thin films that are deposited at the metal electrode from an electrolyte solution. Molecular absorption and florescence spectroscopies and Fourier transform infra red spectroscopy are used to study the orientation of organic molecules adsorbed at electrode surfaces Their research is a balanced mixture of electrochemistry, surface analysis, surface spectroscopy, and materials science, and tackles projects which mix both fundamental and applied science.

General area of interest:

• Biomimetic Films and Phospholipids Membranes

• Electrodeposition & Electrometallurgy

• Surface Electrochemistry and Catalysis



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