Abdelaziz Houmam

Abdelaziz HoumamSurface modification and local manipulation


Our group is interested in the development of new approaches for the efficient organic and bioorganic modification of solid surfaces as well the local electrochemical modification of adsorbates on these surfaces. Presently working on the following projects:
1) The organic modification of Au surfaces
2) The organic modification of Si surfaces
3) The local manipulation of organic adsorbates on solid surfaces



Electron transfer in organic and bioorganic molecules


Understanding of inter and intramolecular electron transfer and factors controlling both processes in chemically and biologically important systems is not only important from a fundamental point of view but also for applications in areas such as molecular electronic devices, photo-imaging and amperometric sensors, whose development is directly related to advances in the understanding of the electron transfer processes.

General area of interest:


• Electrosynthetic Organic
• Electrochemistry & Electrocatalysis

• Material Science

• Interfaces



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