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Chemistry and Biochemistry Club

College Royal TM

Congratulations to everyone who helped out this past year on winning 1st in CPES!

What is College Royal?

College Royal is the largest university open house event of its kind in North America. Each March, the University of Guelph opens its doors to the general public in a campus-wide open house that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

For students, College Royal is also a 12-day long event that includes popular events like Super Thursday, Fashion Show and the College Royal Ball. College Royal is a 100% student run and organized event that involves some 3000 volunteers each year.

Whether you are a member of the general public curious to see what goes on at the "University on the hill", or a student looking to become involved, we invite you to join us. Come and join the fun next March! If you'd like to know more about College Royal, check out their website for more information for all the details this year.

What does the Chem Club do for College Royal?

During College Royal, our club has two main attractions. Our Magic Show incorporates chemical reactions into an original storyline which our club writes as well as an interactive demo lab which members of the public can be a scientist for the day. Both our demos and our show are geared for all ages of children, students and even adults.
This year, the College Royal weekend falls on March 21st and 22nd 2015. Both the Interactive Demos and the Magic Shows will be running all day both days

We really need Volunteers who can commit to the whole weekend for the Magic Show and the Interective Demos. If you can commit please come to a meeting our contact us. We hope to see you there!

College Royal Award for 2nd place in 2013!