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Outstanding People and Events
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Dalton Transactions HOT Article
Congratulations to the Preuss Group for the latest publication, entitled: “Slow magnetization dynamics in a six-coordinate Fe(II)-radical complex", authored by Carolyn A. Michalowicz, Michelle B. Mills, Ellen Song, Dmitriy V. Soldatov, Paul D. Boyle, Mathieu Rouzieres, Rodolph Clerac, and Kathryn E. Preuss, Dalton Trans., 2019, 48, 4514-4519. DOI: 10.1039/c9dt00558g This manuscript has been selected as a “HOT” article by Dalton Transactions (Royal Society of Chemistry) and is now part of the curated quarterly HOT article collection.  “A ‘HOT’ article contains research, which has been highlighted by reviewers as being interesting and significant research for the inorganic chemistry community.”
Canada in 2067: The Future Starts Now
Canada in 2067: The Future Starts Now
Congratulations to Harrison Young, an undergraduate student in the Preuss lab who has been selected to give a presentation at the 102nd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (CCCE) in Quebec City this June as part of the "Canada in 2067: The Future Starts Now" special symposium.  The symposium highlights outstanding undergraduate work froma ll areas of chemistry research, and only 20 students from across Canada were selected to present.
Richard J. Kokes Travel Award Recipient
Sharon Chen
Congratulations to Sharon Chen for receiving the Richard J. Kokes Travel Award for the 26th North American Catalysis Society Meeting in Chicago, USA. This is a very competitive award with over 360 excellent applications submitted for ~100 awards granted. The Richard J. Kokes Travel Award program of North American Catalysis Society (NACS) aims to encourage undergraduate and graduate students to attend and participate in its biennial conference. It provides funding to cover the student conference registration fee and provide accommodation. The Richard J. Kokes Travel Award is sponsored by the NACS with support from government agencies such as National Science Foundation (NSF) and United States Department of Energy (US-DOE).
Class of OAC'60 Outstanding Teaching Assistant
Congratulations Michelle Mills on being selected as the recipient of the Class of OAC'60 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.
Full time graduate students are nominated by undergraduate, graduate and faculty members for teaching duties completed in the previous calendar year and only one highly qualified applicant will receive it.
3MT Community Choice Winner
Jennifer Chra, 3MT community Choice Winner
Congratulations to Jennifer Crha, M.Sc. student in the Department of Chemistry for winning the 3MT Community Choice Award for her presentation "Vaccines at Guelph". 
For more information on the University of Guelph 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) competition, please visit:
Farroq Raouf
Congratulations to Farroq Raouf for winning 2nd place for his oral presentation in Inorganic and Materials at the 47th Southern Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference (SOUSCC), held on March 30, 2019.  The SOUSCC provides undergraduate chemsitry, biochemistry and related area research students with the opportunity to present their research to their peers and university faculty in addition to both government and industry representatives 
This year the event was hosted by the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough.
2019 CEPS Three Minute Thesis (3MT) College Heat Winner - Jennifer Crha
Congratulations to Jennifer Chra, MSc Student in the Department of Chemistry who will move forward to the University of Guelph 3MT® Final Competition for her presentation titled Vaccines at Guelph.
Special mention to PhD students: Shuai Chen and Michal Moore for participating in the competition as well! Great job!
The University of Guelph 3MT Final competition will be held on April 3rd at 1:00 pm in the University Centre, Room 442.  Please show your support for Jennifer Crha
Prof. Mario Monteiro
Congratulations to Professor Mario Monteiro for being recognized as one of the Royal Bank of Canada's Top 25 Canadian Immigrants for making a positive impact on the community since arriving in Canada.
Portrait of Prof. Adrian Schwan
Recognized as one of nine 'Outstanding Reviewers' by the Canadian Journal of Chemistry!
First page of key article
Acid mine drainage: electrochemical approaches to prevention, and remediation of acidity and toxic metals

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Upcoming Events
Prof Richard Manderville-NSERC Discovery Grant Evaluation Committee Member.
Congratulations to Professor Richard Manderville for being selected to serve as a member on the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Chemistry Discovery Grant Evaluation Group.  The appointment is for a 3-year term ending June 30, 2023.
Ph.D. Thesis Defence - Jacy Conrad - Monday August 10, 2020 @ 1:00 pm to participate, please email
“Deuterium isotope effects on acid ionization and metal oxide hydrolysis under hydrothermal conditions”
Date: Monday August 10, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: Remote
This defence will be held using MS Teams. If you would like to participate as an audience member, please email
Please see the “tips for the audience” below
  • Keep your microphone muted unless invited to speak by the Chair
  • Join with your name or a static profile picture to cut down on visual distractions.
  • Do not send the student any messages in the chat during the seminar.
  • If appropriate the Chair will invite questions from the audience after the oral presentation is done.
ChemEd website
Our Department of Chemistry will host ChemEd 2021, largest conference for high school chemistry teachers in North American in the summer of 2021.  From July 25 to July 29, chemistry teachers will gather on our campus to share their ideas, engage in hands-on workshops, present new demonstrations and participate in fun events.  Our goal is to support quality chemical education in the high school classroom. We will be looking for volunteers to help with this worthwhile conference. To keep up-to-date, sign up to receive email updates on the ChemEd 2021 website and follow us on Twitter
Bonnie Lasby and Jean Hein
ChemEd 2021 Co-chairs
An informative walk through the process of designing a scientific poster. Many useful tips.
Archive photos of past departmental events.

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Minuscule particles that approach the atomic scale often display new and exciting properties that differ from those in the bulk material. Nanoscience studies these materials that are used across all the other science fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering.
Toxicology studies the adverse effects of chemicals on humans and the ecosystem. To fully understand the adverse effects, Toxicology draws from a broad array of related fields of study.
A selection of resources aimed at High School teachers and students.